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Since 2005, local search engine marketing has defined itself as a viable means of communication between local businesses and their local clientele. By using geographic targeting throughout the Pay-Per-Click engines combined with good geocentric keywords, your website can garner high quality traffic. Local by Locals provides these services through franchise-owned and operated offices in your local area. This is key to your small business because your Local by Locals search engine marketing team has an intimate understanding of your geographic location.

The Local Search Marketing Program

Initial Call for Keyword and Market Research: It’s during this phone call that your Local by Locals office can learn more about your website, business, target audience and competitors. A keyword list for research will be created as well as a serviceable geographic locations list. Conversion points and goals will be discussed to ensure your search engine marketing efforts are successful.

Monthly Budget Allocation: With the help of your Local by Locals representative, you will settle on a monthly budget. This will depend on your industry and marketing budget. Starting budgets range based on your industry and goals. Final budgets will be matched to the intersection of desired margin versus available market. Your budget will determine on which of the search pay per click search engines your campaigns will appear. Engines considered are Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Google Adwords Setup: Your Local by Locals representative will use the information from the initial phone call to set up your marketing campaign and develop your ad copy.

Yahoo Search Marketing Setup: The same techniques used for Google Adwords are used for a Yahoo campaign. The campaign’s distribution is on Yahoo and their partners.

MSN Adcenter Setup: The same techniques used for Google Adwords are used for MSN. The campaign’s distribution is only on the Microsoft/MSN network. This is the least competitive of the three choices. However, typically MSN has the lowest price points, the lowest keyword inventory and the highest quality of searchers.

Conversion/Form Page Creation: If your website doesn’t have a form page or conversion page, Local by Locals will create one within the existing website design. Typically, this would be the destination page of the local Pay-Per-Click ads.

Manual Submissions: Part of the Local Search Marketing program is to drive free (also known as organic) traffic to your website. Hand submissions and registrations will be submitted to Yahoo Local, MSN Local, Google Local and TrueLocal.

Hand-Off Call for Campaign Management: This call will complete the Local Search Marketing program. There will be an explanation of the campaign setups, keywords, ad copy, budgeting and reporting.

Local Search Marketing Program Maintenance:

You can choose to continue working with Local by Locals. We will act as your outsourced solution for all of your local search engine marketing. This will alleviate time and personnel constraints. With this maintenance, you will have more time to work directly with your Local by Locals search marketing expert, refine the campaigns as well as continuously optimize them.

"LocalByLocals made the process of marketing online much easier and cost-effective for my business, and allowed us to target customers in a specific geographic area."

Linda Thompson
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