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Avoid Foreclosure Broward Case Study

Company URL: www.avoidforeclosurebroward.com


Avoideforeclosurebroward.com was launched with the goal of generating visitors to their site, specifically, new clients looking for a local foreclosure lawyer. This was a brand new site without any pre-existing traffic or brand name recognition.

Local PPC Advertising on Search Engines was identified as the most significant and aggressive way to bring in new visitors. Local By Locals instituted a three phase approach:

  • Launch
  • Expand
  • Refine


During the launch phase Local By Locals purchased very specific keywords and aggressively geo-targeted the campaign, however this caused the traffic volume to be very limited.


During the expansion phase, the keyword list was expanded through keyword research, broadening keywords, and expanding the geo targeting. This increased the number of visitors to the new site but decreased quality.


During the refinement phase, Local By Locals met onsite with the client and indentified the areas to improve on based on the client’s knowledge and experience in their industry. The main geo targeting included areas of South Florida that the client felt were unnecessary and too far and included areas where customers were not likely to come from. We needed to look at tightening up the geo targeting, current keyword list and overall structure of the PPC campaign.

Local By Locals knowledge of the local area and search marketing combined with the client’s knowledge of his customer-base allowed us to narrow the keyword list to those that were driving quality leads, in specific geo-targeted areas leading to a highly efficient PPC campaign. The specific refinement strategy incorporated the following tactics:

  • Remove broad keywords like mortgage law, foreclosure law etc. that were producing high traffic volume, costing the client money, but resulting in little to now leads
  • Expand the negative keyword list by doing bi-weekly search query reports and identifying irrelevant keywords that do not pertain to the client
    Use different match types on specific keywords to ensure only qualified searches were seeing this client’s ads
  • Added multiple Ad Groups that include groupings of similar keywords instead of having all keywords in one Ad Group
  • Tested and optimized variations of ad copy by placing the phone number in the description and using the dynamic keyword insert function in the title
  • Limited our geo targeting by excluding cities within the South Florida metro area not covered by client
  • Launched a new site, AvoicdForeclosureDade.com. We copied the original campaign from AvoidForeclosureBroward.com and adjusted the geo-targeting to match each domain
  • Monitored and updated max CPC for top placement of high performing keywords


  • Being able to meet with the client’s onsite allows us to reduce the optimization of campaign(s) to days instead of weeks
  • The goal was to eliminate showing up for keywords where people are researching or looking for more information on the law aspect, not necessarily lawyers who specialize in this field
    We saw an increase in the number of phone calls to the client
  • Client reported a significant increase in business from Google Adwords PPC campaigns
  • Demographic targeting based on local location knowledge led to more highly qualified prospects
"LocalByLocals made the process of marketing online much easier and cost-effective for my business, and allowed us to target customers in a specific geographic area."

Linda Thompson
Thompson Architects

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