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All My Sons Moving & Storage West Palm Beach Case Study

Company URL: www.AllMySons.com/WestPalm


All My Sons Moving and Storage West Palm Beach, www.allmysons.com/westpalm/, needed to increase the number of moving leads in their local area.

Local PPC Advertising on Search Engines was identified as the most significant and aggressive way to bring in new visitors. Local By Locals instituted a three phase approach:

  • Launch
  • Expand
  • Refine


During the Launch phase, Local By Locals used a variety of keyword research tools to generate a list of general moving and West Palm Beach moving related keywords coupled with geo-targeting in the West Palm Beach metro area.
Our goal was to generate as many conversions as possible. Being that West Palm Beach is a competitive market, the Cost Per Lead (CPL) targets were set to $50-$60 per internet lead.


The Expansion phase included testing new ad copy, adding match types to converting keywords and adding a competitor’s Ad Group. As the main “moving” related keywords were becoming more expensive we needed to use alternate strategies to keep CPL targets low and keep conversion rates high.


At the final refining stage, we removed keywords that were not converting, added local business search listings and utilized Google’s Conversion Optimizer to moderate the bids and target CPLs.

Local By Locals met with the client to identify the main geo targeting, excluding areas of West Palm Beach that were unnecessary and including areas where customers were not likely to come from.

Overall, we tightened the geo-targeting and keyword list.

The specific refinement strategy incorporated the following tactics:

  • Expand negative keyword list by doing bi-weekly search query reports and identifying irrelevant keywords that do not pertain to the client
  • Use different match types on specific keywords
  • Added multiple Ad Groups that include groupings of similar keywords instead of having all keywords in one or just a few Ad Groups.
  • Tested variations of ad copy by placing the phone number in the description and using the dynamic keyword insert function in the title
  • Added local business search listings that show the business address at the bottom of the ad and makes it more relevant to visitors looking for a local moving company
  • Limited our geo targeting by excluding cities within the West Palm Beach metro area not covered by client
  • Added a local competitor’s campaign to generate activity based on competitor moving companies in the area
  • Since we are working with an unlimited budget we decided to set the ad display to show as quickly as possible throughout a 24 hour period


  • Being able to meet with the clients onsite allows LocalByLocals to reduce the optimization of campaign(s) to days instead of weeks
  • Maintained top 3 positioning for main keyword in Google and Google’s search partners
  • We saw an increase in the number of conversions and kept CPL in the target range
  • Demographic targeting based on local location knowledge led to more highly qualified prospects
  • Bookings from phone call leads represented half of internet leads
  • Clients location generated 3 times the amount of spend in new business each month
"LocalByLocals made the process of marketing online much easier and cost-effective for my business, and allowed us to target customers in a specific geographic area."

Linda Thompson
Thompson Architects

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